areas of concern 2                                         Crumlin Road Courthouse

Recent Examples

Demolition in Conservation Areas

Moore's Sports Shop Chichester Street (planning given)

Bodega Pub Callender Street (last Victorian building in Callender Street)

Abercorn Building, Fountain Lane

Demolition 76-88 ,104-196 North Street, 2-816-20 Gresham Street Haymarket building

Loss of Significant Buildings

North Street Buildings (Elephant Bar etc.)

Buildings adjacent Crumlin Road Courthouse

Seamus Heaney House, Ashley Avenue

Buildings at Risk

Frames Bar

Crumlin Road Courthouse

The Tech

Ewart Building Bedford Street

Bank of Ireland Royal Avenue 

Haymarket Building and associated buildings

Northern Bank (Assembly Buildings) Donegall Street

Carlisle Circus Methodist Church

St Josephs RC Church Sailortown

May Street Presbyterian Church

Donegall Arcade

Musgrave Street police station

Whole of Library Quarter

Lisburn Road Methodist Church

Tall Buildings

BIFHE building Brunswick Street
Obel Tower Donegall Quay (27 storeys)
Adjacent to Windsor House (about 25 storeys)
Boat Building Donegall Quay (14 stories)
Adjacent to Telephone House May Street St Georges Gate
Proposed Oddessy development
Proposed Sirocco Works development
Gallaghers building - Sandy Row

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