This exhibition focuses on the development of Belfast from pre-Christian times until the present day. It recounts how Belfast grew from a small settlement at the meeting place of the River Farset and the River Lagan, into a major industrial city of the late 1880’s, and now, is one of Europe’s most popular weekend break destinations. The Belfast Civic Trust received funding from Belfast City Council to assist with the production of the exhibition.

This exhibition traces the story of Belfast from prehistoric times (the Giant’s Ring), through Medieval times, the Plantation, and the granting of the Town Charter in 1613, to Belfast’s industrial might in the late 1800’s and the early 1900’s. While the exhibition shows the turbulent history of this town and city, it also reveals how Belfast became a world leader in heavy industry including shipbuilding, engineering and textiles. Emphasis is placed on the rich architectural heritage of this Victorian city, and the many remarkable citizens who have either originated from, or lived and worked in Belfast.

This unique exhibition will be on display, in 2014, at the following venues :

Falls Library, Belfast - Friday 3 January - Friday 21 February

Shankill Library, Belfast - Monday 24 February - Friday 29 March

Public Record Office (PRONI), Belfast - Friday 4 April - Wednesday 30 April

Belfast City Hall - Thursday 1 May - Friday 16 May

Belfast City Hall - Thursday 29 May - Friday 13 June

Below are some images used within The Story of Belfast Exhibition 

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